Quite often I receive email or calls from people thinking I still work at US Digital.  This last week was no exception.  I received InMail from LinkedIn inquiring if I wished to be a part of a group that puts CEOs together to discuss things.

I responded with my standard response, I’m no longer a CEO, no longer with US Digital, etc.

I received a response from the gentleman, he still wanted to talk.

I responded with, we could talk but…  I’m not a CEO, not making big bucks, not seeking to build my kingdom, only seeking to build God’s Kingdom, I’m a missionary in waiting, seeking the Lord on our next steps.  I thought, he totally won’t want to talk with me now.  ;)

I received another response, he said, you’re where I want to be, can we please talk?

Wow.  I’m humbled.  What I just blew off the Lord used.  I schedule a conference call with him and the owner of the group.  We spoke for two hours, I shared my life, my hope and what God has done with this flawed body.  At one point the gentleman that I was emailing asked me a question.  He said, I know I’m called to Panama do you know why God would connect us?  I said, I have no idea, but I would be happy to seek the Lord together on it.

It was a great call.  The Lord continues to teach me how to share my faith in Him, continues to use this flawed vessel.  I wonder what the significance of Panama is?

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