As I was talking with Shirlene I was thinking potentially we should introduce ourselves to YWAM in Central and South America.  Introduce our little family, offer any skills we may have, and see where God leads.  I sent out ten email messages, hitting most of Central America and a few places in South America.  Right after hitting send I had this overwhelming feeling of regret.  From the beginning of the process of seeking God, His will alone, I have said I would not “make things happen”.  Which is hard for me and my personality, I like to make things come together.  But, I want God to lead, I will follow.  I only want to do what I see the Father doing.  I feel like I sent those messages to make things happen.  Lord, please forgive me, please sift out the responses to those messages, having only the ones that should respond, respond.  I want You, and You alone to lead us.

UPDATE:  YWAM Responses

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