Isla Bastimentos Property For Sale

I made a random call to an ad that showed up on my screen while researching the cleaning of produce with hydrogen peroxide (long story).  The advertisement was for property in Panama, there were maybe eight properties listed but I was glued to the third one down, a piece of property on Isla Bastimentos, the same place where I just received an email response from a YWAM base wanting help!  After a couple of days with this ad up in one of my many Firefox tabs, I decided to call the realtor who ended up being the property owner, Bram.

I talked with Bram for about two hours, we really hit it off, he shared about when he lived there, why he left, his dreams, life in Panama, etc.  He also offered the property at a huge discount because he sees that the needs of the people there are great.  This is a Divine appointment, I’m not sure where it will lead, for sure a friendship with Bram, the other question is, is there where God wants us?



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