Last evening God did something truly amazing – praise God!  I went for a walk last evening, I just felt a great desire to seek the Lord alone.  I walked to a pier near us here in Virginia, I walked out to the end of the pier praying and really seeking the Lord and His plan.  It was so beautiful last evening, the sunset was amazing, not a cloud in the sky, looking out over the James River which is 4 miles wide in this spot – incredible.  I felt such an attack by the enemy confusing my thoughts, I rebuked him and praised God for all that He has done, I repented for the wicked man I am, I got down on my knees and prayed for His direction.

I sought the Lord, looking like a crazy man, on my knees on the dock, facing the shore and totally desperate to know His will on where He wants to send us.  After some time, I heard the Lord say “turn around and look”.  I turned around and looked over to the sunset and there was a perfect cloud formation of the island in Panama where so many things, people and God have pointed, Isla Bastimentos, Isla Solarte and the Zapatillas Islands.  It was incredible, the island is shaped like an alligator head and there were even two little dots of clouds to the right where there are two other islands.  The only cloud in the sky highlighted by the setting sun!
(Link to Google Maps in case you’re curious: http://g.co/maps/3g8zf)

I tried to take pictures of it with my cheap phone but I couldn’t capture it, although it captured the amazing sunset. I jogged home and was bursting to tell Shirlene.  Praise God for Your clear direction!

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