Security / Possessions

We have a clear calling, God has called us to move to another country…  So, we’re selling virtually everything we own.  I have been learning even more about myself.  I thought I held things loosely but I find myself having difficulty selling / getting rid of certain things.  Which makes me want to get rid of it even more to break myself of these earthly attachments, but its not easy.  I have sold quite a bit of stuff that I was very attached to and last night I had a reoccurring dream of regret over doing so.  When I woke up I had to reassure myself again that I am doing the right thing, its just stuff I tell myself, but I feel a sense of nakedness and loss still that I am coping with.  Loosing my sense of security around be totally prepared for everything, but hopefully I’m replacing it with the real security that only Christ can bring, I am trying, but I am struggling…  ;)

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