The Gun Show

Well, not quite this gun show, a real gun show.  I decided to get 3 tables at a local gun show to sell off my survival, hunting and camping gear.  I spent some time with the Lord and this is a necessary step in trusting Him completely in our transition to Panama.  So, I loaded up the truck, totally filled it, from the full size bed to the extended cab and headed North with my dad to sell off my safety net.

I had more than 3 tables worth of stuff, for sure.  I filled the tops of the tables and under the tables, filling in the spaces as things sold.  I prayed that God would confirm I was doing the right thing by allowing everything to sell, every last thing (which is pretty unheard of at the gun show).

The word starting spreading about the “missionary to Panama” at the gun show and vendors who were not even believers were sending people to my tables to buy things in support of what God is doing.  At one point someone handed my dad a wad of cash to give to me because he felt God led him to do so.  Crazy!

Well, God came through, every last thing sold, my dad considered it a miracle and so did his friend who both frequent gun shows every weekend.  Most vendors left early and were saying it was the worst show this year, I heard another guy say he only made $3.50 that day, wow, God is good!  I also met some other “home fellowship” guys there that I have connected with, pretty amazing how God is connecting His people.  We’ll see where it leads.

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