Date Confirmation!

I posted on November 29th that God gave me a specific date…

Well tonight it was confirmed by my oldest daughter Ellie!  On our way home from Johann & Teresa’s Ellie asked me when I thought we were moving to Panama.  I told her I think sometime in February or March.  Ellie then says “I just prayed and asked God when we are supposed to go and He said the 26th, what I don’t know is whether it is February or March, but for sure the 26th.”

Rewinding to November 29th when I prayed for a specific date and God delivered a specific date…  What I heard God say was: “118 days from today you will be leaving for Panama” – that date is March 26th.

Ellie has a proven track record in hearing from God, I trust God and I trust Ellie, looks like we are headed to Panama on the 26th of March.  Praise God!

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