Bram and Pam

After the ECHO week long course I set a course for Bram and Pam’s house about two hours away from ECHO.  I first met Bram here.  Since then we have talked on a regular basis, I consider him a friend.  I got a hotel room near their home, we spent time together eating, talking, sharing and boating.  Bram is a expert boater and he was gracious enough to show me the ropes.  This is quite a gift considering we are moving to an area in Panama where a boat is your car, no roads, buses, or planes, just boats.  Bram’s property in Panama is about a half an hour by boat to the nearest town that has power.  I learned quite a bit and Bram was a great teacher, Pam was a great host – it was a great time.

Just a side note, in a previous post I kept hearing the date January 17th but didn’t understand it completely then.  I eventually understood that the Lord was wanting me to leave Florida for Panama on January 17th.  This left a few days between the school ending and Panama, I didn’t understand but I was obedient and booked my flight for Panama on the 17th.  In hindsight the purpose was to connect with Bram and Pam, which was awesome, I’m glad we had that time together to bond and delve into things eternal.



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