Our Soon To Be Home In Panama

We have been praying God would make it very clear where we are to live initially as we move down to Panama.  On my scouting trip I searched out options and what I found was we could live in town, in a very expensive gringo vacation home, or live on the YWAM base on Isla Bastimentos.  After exploring the options we really think the clearest choice is the YWAM base.  That was until about four days ago.

I received a call from Danny, he has a 1-bedroom, approx 500 sq ft house on 8 acres, on the mainland (but only accessible by boat) which is on the market.  He called to say that he was thinking of our family and wanted to offer their home to us to live in, fully furnished at a very low price per month.

When he first offered I said I would talk with Shirlene about it.  I was internally conflicted.  God showed us very specifically where to go, Isla Bastimentos, Danny’s was on the mainland, 25 minutes away.  This was “too nice”, “too easy”, I felt like we need to suffer for Christ, maybe living in a tent on the property or something – I don’t know.  But, this was quite an offer, out of no where, was this God’s provision or satan’s temptation?

The other conflict was if we live on the YWAM base, how does that fit in with what God clearly said about being solely under Him, no organization?  How would our new friends at the YWAM base take us deciding not to stay there?

Ok, we we’re confused.  We prayed and prayed, we read God’s Word, and God spoke a reference:

Mark 7:24

“And from there he arose and went away to the region of Tyre and Sidon. And he entered a house and did not want anyone to know, yet he could not be hidden.”

Ok…  Didn’t want anyone to know?  This is not us.

This verse in context is: Jesus and the disciples were tired and in need of rest, they thought they had found it here but in the end they didn’t.  Does that mean we won’t find rest there?

More prayer needed.  As we prayed, sought advice and wisdom, the one part of the verse that kept shining through was that Christ cannot be hidden.  I felt like God was saying, wherever we go, the Holy Spirit within us would not be hidden.  Our mentors, loved ones, friends, etc. all seem to be advise in the direction of Danny’s place, and in the end this is where we felt peace too.

Sometimes its hard to discern what God is saying, even when He clearly speaks a reference.  But, one thing that we have found can be a good gauge is peace, do we have peace.

Here are some pictures of the place:

Yes it comes with a dog.  Bella the guard dog.  No, Dale does not come with the house.  Dale and his wife Kim are the directors of the YWAM base on Bastimentos.

Louie the parrot.  There are chickens too.

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