This week I attended a full week of CHE training.  No, this is not a guerrilla warfare training school led by the former rebel leader Che.  CHE (Community Health Evangelism) is a plan for individual and community development through physical and spiritual teaching.  CHE reaches people holistically: spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically – just as Jesus did.  Teaching how to help people, not hurt them.

As always, after a full week of training in any area I feel as though I’ve reached a point of information saturation and hope that I absorbed what I learned.  CHE principles are both very simple and yet completely profound in this day and age of missions and humanitarian movements.  I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to reach individuals and communities for Christ anywhere in the world (yes, I recommend it for all believers).  ;)

Another bonus to these types of events are meeting awesome, sold-out, believers who want to share Jesus with the world.  Its always encouraging to be surrounded by others who are seeking Jesus over themselves, willing to go anywhere and do anything to glorify the Creator of the universe.

Also, another book I just finished and would totally recommend related to this subject: When Helping Hurts


More information on CHE:


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