Ethan vs. Gecko

Our house is filled with Geckos, which we love.  They eat the many insects that also fill our house.  These Geckos are smart.  At night the congregate around any lights we have on and wait for the bugs to be reeled in, and just as they get close… slurp – they’re gone.

The Geckos range in size from 1/2 inch long to about six inches long and come in colors from black to almost clear.  They have awesome suction cups on their feet, which feel super weird when they run across your skin.  This afternoon I grabbed a plantain to eat and noticed there was a gecko on it.  I went to show it to Ethan, who LOVES them, and that is where our video begins.  ;)

Gecko: 1 – Ethan: 0


    Apr 12, 2012

    Bonnie was saying that you might cut back on the videos & blogging because nobody wants to see them. I beg to differ. Sandi and I love them …our link to you.


    • Ruth
      Apr 12, 2012

      I love seeing these and reading your blogs. I check in everyday.

    • Bonnie C
      Apr 12, 2012

      I agree with Matt!

  2. Angie Boehm
    Apr 12, 2012

    Funny! We love all of the blogging & videos! I think you should let Ethan keep a gecko for a pet. =) I mean the girls got parrots….. he should get a gecko.

  3. Mom
    Apr 12, 2012

    LOOOOOVE seeing this!!!!!! More movies!!!! Soooo cute!!!! Keep the updates and movies coming!!!! Love you guys!

  4. Diane Hanson
    Apr 12, 2012

    Love all the reports and videos. Keep them coming. So fun to see what you all are doing down there.

  5. Grandma
    Apr 12, 2012

    Hi! Love love. Love the blogs ! Don’t stop, please! I always look for them 1first thing in the morning.I hope all is going well for you. Your in our prayers. Lotsa. Love

  6. Jennifer
    Apr 12, 2012

    PLEASE DON’T STOP!!! I really look forward to your blogs…I check everyday that I am at work…even if it’s five days in a row! I was super excited to check and find a new post today. In fact I think you should make it an everyday habit! Your boy is SO cute! I so appreciate your transparency and humor!

  7. Liz Bolt
    Apr 12, 2012

    Hey, keep it up. I miss Panama and love being introduced to your family!

  8. Pam
    Apr 12, 2012

    Oh please don’t stop the blog posts. I look forward to each and everyone of them.

  9. Paula
    Apr 13, 2012

    Love seeing little Ethan’s legs just a goin’ :) We love reading your posts to the kids and the in turn love seeing the pictures and sit her for a long time at the computer clicking through the pictures, especially the ones of your kids! xox

  10. NANA
    Apr 16, 2012

    I recognize that bom-bom =) Buena suerte con las lagartijas, Ethan! =)

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