Isla Bastimentos Property Visit

A few days ago we trekked out to see the 50 acre property on Isla Bastimentos owned by my friend Bram.  This property is about 25 minutes away from where we are living.  The weather was beautiful but the water was very rough.  High winds from the South created quite the wave action.  We booked it through the rough open water, while avoiding the coral, to find protection near the islands.

We arrived at the property where there used to be a dock which was wealth redistributed to the neighbors over time – if you don’t use it here, you loose it.  The mangrove was pretty overgrown so the boat didn’t fit so well next to the pilings of what remained of the dock.  I hopped into the water to pull the boat in as close as I could get it, then got hung up on the mangrove branch.  I hopped back into the boat and hacked the offending branch off with my machete, of course I carry one with me, I’m Panamanian.  I hopped back into the water to pull forward a little more, to get us closer to shore.  We then proceeded to hike through the muck and mangrove while carrying our children like pack llamas.

We made it, dry ground.  Green plants, fresh water springs, blue sky and white fluffy clouds.  Amazing views of the bay, seriously breathtaking.  A Ngobe village to the left and a Ngobe village to the right in their traditional wood huts with grass roofs.  The property is beautiful, it is on the island in which God has called us, specifically.  It is next to people who need to hear the Gospel.  And it is owned by a man who is my friend, in whom I trust.

Now all we need is clear confirmation from the Lord if this is the specific property we are to purchase.  Please pray for God’s wisdom, direction and discernment as we totally seek Him in this decision.  Not our will but Your will God.  Please let us know if you hear anything from the Lord on our behalf.  ;)





























She is amazing!  Rowing while standing up!



  1. David Greene
    Apr 19, 2012

    I’ll be praying

  2. Vera Culp
    Jun 5, 2012

    I love and miss all of you, know that you are always in my prayers. You are an inspiration to me by showing God’s love through your work in Panama.

    • Shirlene
      Jun 7, 2012

      Vera! My dear, sweet nursing buddy. Thank you so much for your ever present words of encouragement and most especially for your prayers. I need the low down on your life these days! So thankful you were there with me through much of my nursing education, especially in times of bed baths and vaccines. ;) You’re a dear and I love you!

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