October Photos

 Some October photos in completely random order for your viewing pleasure.

 Ethan’s downward dog.

 Bella and Ethan love to play on the hammock.

 Ethan looking for “Lih” (Liz).

 Rides on the “wee wee.”

 Moving day for Terry, Liz & Odie.  They are heading to Potrerillos, Panama to work with the YWAM base there.  We will miss them.  We spent 6 crazy months with them here on the island.  ;)

 Ethan tries to start every motor he finds.  He has the form down.

Loading Gene’s cayuco – it was awesome!  We needed to tie down the mattresses so they drove some nails into the sides and tie downs were born.

 The precious mattress.  This is Terry & Liz’s incredible memory foam mattress.  The most comfortable mattress in the world I’m sure!

 Majellies comes each school day for her tutoring while her mom and dad (Simon & Amalia) are in DTS (discipleship training school).  She is adorable and the kids have become great friends.

 Typical Ethan and Bella.  He finds her and sits on her lap – I love it!

 Shirlene making her awesome brownies from the local cacao chocolate.

 Loading a boat of dock building supplies to head over to the other property.  Very heavily loaded.

 I took our boat out of the water, removed the 2″ thickness of barnacles, sanded and painted it with special 60% copper bottom paint and the sides with marine paint.  Quite a job, but I hustled for two days to get it all done since we needed our primary source of transportation.  Since this photo we added a much needed top, bright orange I might add, cause this is the Caribbean baby!

 Majellies and Rebecca playing the Ethan – what a tough life Ethan has.

A local sailboat, pretty incredible.

 Chris and Ashley.  Chris is Terry & Liz’s son.  They will probably be joining us starting in December.

 Terry and Liz!

 Ethan.  This time drinking non-alcoholic drinks.  They check the juices really well since “the incident.”

 The girls love rowing around the bay.  They’re really getting good!

 Beautiful sunsets.  Proof there is a Creator.

Terry, Liz and Odie, off to mainland Panama.  We’ll miss you guys!

 A day at Los Secretos with Amy and Donnie – great hosts.

 Ellie, the parrot whisperer.


 Yes that is red duck tape on Ethan’s diaper.  He has a bad habit of ripping off his diaper and peeing in places other than the toilet.  If we don’t put on the tape he pats his diaper and says “duck tape” over and over until we put it on.  Then he’s satisfied.

 Bella (the dog) took care of a little (or big) problem we had in the middle of the night.  Probably the same little guy that was in the ceiling of my room when I stayed here in January.

 I forgot about this until I downloaded the photos from the camera.  The girls love taking photos and we have pretty much every angle and square inch of this one photographed thanks to them.

We started clearing land for the houses on Bram’s property.

 We can’t wait to live amongst our Ngobe neighbors.

 Liz’s birthday!

 This is soon to be our next boat.  A 44′ long by almost 5′ wide cayuco for all of our building needs.

The girls love their brother, and he sure loves them too.

 My favorite wife.

 Bringing the inspector to Bram’s property to get our dock building permit.  Yes, a permit to build a dock way out on a remote island.  Only us gringos have to get them.  This is a story in itself but the Lord has given us MUCH favor in the eyes of man related to this process.


  1. Bonnie
    Nov 12, 2012

    Thank you for sharing photos…what feast for us! Love the personality and story each one tells. Sure is wonderful to catch up on the visuals. Wow! I can’t imagine moving furniture such as mattresses by boat… quite the adventure! I’m sure Terry & Liz will be missed. So good to know how we can be praying for those who are considering the call to join you. Ethan with his red duct tape and virgin drink ;) sounds like a funny story! The girls are so cute in the canoe… getting so big! Big hugs to each of you… Love you

  2. liz bolt
    Nov 17, 2012

    Thanks for the 30 something on my birthday cake, but I believe that was SHIRLENE’S birthday. She was taking the picture. How does THAT work?

  3. Jennifer
    Nov 26, 2012

    love all your faces

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