Well… we just recently had a team from HydroMissions and Rowan Engineering School drill a water well on our property to serve the neighboring village.  They packed in all of the well drilling equipment, hand pumps and other well paraphernalia from the US.  They arrived on a Sunday after an overnight bus ride from Panama City, put on their games faces and started drilling.

P1160474 P1160479 P1160483 P1160480 P1160488 P1160500 P1160505 P1160518 P1160516 P1160531 P1160528

Over the next week they drilled three wells and settled on one that had such a high replenishment rate that even bailing it out as fast as possible didn’t seem to have any effect on the water level – awesome!  This in the midst of (what we are told is) the longest dry spell here in remembered history.  The creeks are dry, the ground is hard, hotels are running out of water and it looks like Bocas is about to run out of water.  In fact things are so dry I gave about 1,500 gallons to a local hotel who was out, they moved with water with tanks and 5 gallon buckets on our friend Jak’s boat and then in 5 gallon buckets up to the hotel water tank.  The locals have been coming to us for water, which is great because it gives us more opportunities to help them out, but it’s not easy loading 8 5 gallon buckets into a tippy cayuco from the village to our dock and back.

P1160461 P1160525 P1160549 P1160582 P1160565 P1160589 P1160584 P1160663 P1160609 P1160675 P1160678

It was a challenge for sure, one of the wells had rock that had to be crushed deep inside using a special rock crushing head.  There was also the challenge of finding materials to case the well, we were able to find everythign except for pea gravel which is needed to pre-filter the water as it enters the casing.  So after an extensive search we made a trip out to a remote beach and “acquired” sacks of broken shells, which were then cleaned and packed around the casing.  But in the end, we finished it all on the morning of the day they team needed to leave.  Which happened to be the day we poured concrete and it poured down rain.

P1160666 P1160663 P1160631 P1160639 P1160660 P1160616 P1160617P1160719

Of course it was time to say goodbye and for some reason Ethan came down to hug everyone with a parrot on his shoulder and in his underwear – some days he totally reminds me of his mother.


What a joy it was to have this team and it was also great seeing Cait again, I (Bobby), met her at Equip where we were learning about CHE (Community Health Evangelism).  She is a great team lead and teacher and check out all of the awesome medical supplies she brought us:

P1160600 P1160605 P1160606

As for the well, it is getting tons of use.  We look out our window and see people washing clothes, getting drinking water, washing and sometimes just playing.  Thanks to this team the village now has as much water as they need and most importantly it is safe to drink.

You can follow Cait’s blog too about her experience here at our place and the difficulties she faced working with Bobby:

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4) Rocks vs. Shells

5) Panama: 2; Water Team: 1

6) Well!

7) T-Minus 30 Hours

Ethan says goodbye.

P1160717 P1160716




  1. Paula
    Apr 1, 2014

    Awesome! Just awesome!what a blessing to give one of the very things that sustains life that will in the end be able to share The One who is the giver of life! Love you all.

    • Shirlene
      Apr 6, 2014

      Amen! Our hearts longing and hope is that through acts like this, they touched by the One who is giver of all. Love you!

  2. Ronee Poyneer
    Apr 1, 2014

    What a wonderful combination of ongoing gift and ministry! May our Lord use this well to help you lead many to the Water of Life.
    Love and prayers!

    • Shirlene
      Apr 6, 2014

      Yes, amen! Thank you, Ronee for the love and being such a prayer warrior. Blessings to you and Ken!

  3. Diane Hanson
    Apr 1, 2014

    I was so excited to see another posting of a report from you guys and to be able to see and hear what has been happening in Panama. I’m always just amazed at the reach of your service to the Lord. You are incredible people and are so blessed by our Heavenly Father. Praise the Lord for water, literal water and spiritual water you are giving to the people who live there. God bless you more and more every day.

    • Lyn
      Apr 1, 2014

      Oh, how I loved reading this report and seeing the photos. Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful experience. Now, I wonder what skill I have that I could use if I came?…

      • Shirlene
        Apr 6, 2014

        Oh Lyn, the Woman of Countless Skills, Insight, Wisdom, Encouragement, and Joy to share! I was, in fact, thinking of precisely you when we were ministering to a couple struggling in their relationship this past week. I told Bobby, “These people would greatly benefit from a marriage seminar, and I know just who is gifted in this!”
        Marriage counseling, Marriage classes, Parenting seminars, Hospitality teachings….I can think of several gifts you would have for this community.
        And aside from them, you would be a HUGE encouragement to us. You’re a beautiful inspiration to me!
        Love and hugs to you. I miss you!

    • Shirlene
      Apr 6, 2014

      Thank you, Diane, you are an encouragement to us!. Thank you for reading, for your prayers, and participation in this ministry. It means a lot to know people want to know what’s happening here and join us in praying that our lives would bring God glory. Yes, we truly must praise him for clean water and Living Water!!

  4. Merri Trifiro
    Apr 3, 2014

    Ahhh…”Living Water”!!!! Awsome post and reason for so much thanks to all those who worked in faithful obedience to answer the call to love and serve!…Glory to YHWH/Yahoshua/HaKodesh!!! An continued prayer, and every abundant blessing to you all! ;)

    • Shirlene
      Apr 6, 2014

      Thank you for sharing in our joy, Merri! We truly are blessed by those who make sacrifices to come and bless the communities here, meeting needs. We do pray that this well does indeed touch lives with the Living Water!!
      Thank you so much for the faithful prayers and support that you give us. It means so much!

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