Creek House Photos :)

Front of the house.

Front door and windows.

Side of the house near the bathroom.

Downstairs in the house (sorry about the mess, we’ll clean it up.)  ;)

More downstairs.

Downstairs kitchenette area.  Stove and oven work but the refrigerator is non-working.

Upstairs in the house.  There is a six foot wrap around porch with views of the surrounding tropical plants and a waterfall.

High ceiling that Ethan is admiring.

View from upstairs.  Stairs leading upstairs straight ahead in the photo.  The path on the right leads up to our house.

View from upstairs.  Waterfall right behind the house.  Awesome view and sound.

View from upstairs.

View from upstairs.

On the left is the bathroom, on the right, the house.

Two showers, two toilets and two sinks.  All fed with safe to drink clean rainwater.



The throne.

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